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Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder Manufacturer & supplier India

Industrial Application

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals:

Guar Gum is soluble in cold and hot water and this solution is not attacked by bacteria. Guar Gum protective colloid forming capacity results in emulsion stabilization. Guar gum is used as Conditioner, Viscosifier, and Thickener in tooth pastes and shampoos, binder in tablets, to disintegrate compressed tablets and mild laxative and soluble dietary fiber.


Paper Industry

Guar gum is used in paper manufacture as a better additive. It gives denser surface to the paper used for printing. Guar gum imparts improved erosive and writing properties, better bonding strength and increased hardness. Due to improved adhesion, it gives better breaking, Mullen and folding strengths.


By mixing Guar gum in Ammonium Nitrate, Nitro-glycerine & Oil Explosives, even in wet conditions explosive property is maintained. This is due to the better swelling, water blocking and gelling properties of Guar gum.

Construction Applications

ADGEL C is a modified Guar gum specially developed and recommended for construction applications. It improves the performance when typically applied in Cement based wall putty, Cement-Gypsum based plasters, Cement-Gypsum based crack fillers, Cement based texture plasters, flooring and leveling compound etc. ADGEL C can be used alone or in combination with cellulose ethers.

Paint and Coating Applications

ADGEL P is a modified guar gum is specially developed for water base paints. ADGEL P grades for paint applications are eco-friendly in nature and exists excellent rheological properties. The product being a non -ionic in nature is well stable with different chemicals and ingredients used in water borne paints. It has better levelling &  scrub resisting properties. ADGEL P is easily dispersed and solubilized in the water and uniformly mixed in the paint formulations. It can be used alone or in combination with cellulose ethers.

Guar Gum is Also Used in the Following Industries

  • Insecticides & Pesticides

  • Detergents & Soaps

  • Paint Industry

  • Electrodes & Brazing Fluxes

  • Plywood

  • Leather Industry

  • Foundry

  • Tobacco Processing

  • Pencils Crayons

  • Adhesives

Specifications can be modified as per customer requirements

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